Lust In Motion

“I don't think it's a good idea” Karen said with half her heart, but Ed was enjoying himself and so was she.She led him upstairs to her room and closed the door. She sat him down on the bed and positioned herself to fellate the lad. She began to suck and she knew what she was doing, but just sucking wasn't enough to satisfy the both of them, especially as Ed had awkwardly pushed his hand down her bra and was now sophomorically playing with her tits. She unbuttoned her blouse and unbuckled the bar to assist him in this persuit, but before long has removed both. She knew their in her room, topless, bra-less and a mouth full of young man meat, but her pussy still longer for attention. She began to slip her trousers if to reveal some rather plain M&S knickers which she rubbed her self through with the hand that wasn't jerking the cock as she sucked. “Fuck me” she demanded. She removed the white undergarment and joined Ed in the bed, on her back she lay. He mounted her and she used her. Cupboard on the left, second draw. Practically bolting upstairs, I pulled the draw open. Shit. Top draw. Wrong draw.The draw with the leather mask. The draw with the ballgag. The draw with the lube, handcuffs and flogger. The draw with the pussy pump and the 10” black dildo that still had dried cum around the base. The draw with the buttplug and the speculum.As I pulled each item out in turn, my heart beat faster and faster. I’d never even seen half of these things before and began to scramble to put them back exactly how I found them when the door behind me closed.As a black man, it’s difficult for me to turn red but I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I apologised to her again and again. I didn’t mean to, it was the wrong draw and I wouldn’t tell anyone and I thought the charger might be under the stuff and I’d leave and – Before I knew it, the flimsy dress was on the floor. There she stood, completely naked and walking towards to me. Her hips bouncing and breasts swaying..
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