" I don't know Mistress." You are pathetic, do you know that. Do you consider yourself a man?" No Ma'am, I am your slave." Here's how I think you should be punished. Number one, you must bepunished mentally. Number two, you must be punished physically. Numberthree you should be made to work very, very hard to get back into mygood graces. Do you not agree slave?" Yes Mistress." As for your mental punishment, you are now back on regime for 30 days.But now, each night, I want you to buy a new porno magazine and read itfrom cover to cover before you go to bed. Make sure that at least twoof the magazines a week are sissy magazines and two are femdommagazines. Before you fall asleep, write to me telling me the name ofthe magazine and your favorite things in it. I think that during yournew chastity period you should develop a whole new magazine collection.Am I clear?" Yes Mistress." Now for your working punishment. I want you to write out the followingsentence 500 times in short hand. 'I. Yes, of course I will Daniel. I have been waiting for you to ask! I said relieved. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom, he stood in front of me and kissed my forehead as he unbuttoned my pyjama shirt slipping it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Then he moved down kissing my cheeks, neck, breast, as he caressed my nipples with his lips as he slipped my shorts off then kept moving down my stomach passed my navel to my trimmed hair he kissed more passionately. He reached down my leg to my calf lifting it up onto his shoulder, he began kissing the inside of my leg up to my thigh he stopped like before and inhaling my scent. Making a memory of my smell because this was going to be one night to remember. He had one hand on my ass as the other stroked my leg as he began to lick and probe my clit, it was just as good as the first time but this time I was determined not to pass out. I started to become very wet, he stopped and picked me up laying me on the bed, he removed.
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