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.. yes," Sophia responded as she tried to recover from the bluntness of Marilyn's remark."And you haven't heard from her since." Marilyn continued."How do you know these things?!" Sophia's voice rose with awe before she stopped and added, "do you know her?" Who?" Kaylin." Kaylin who?"Sophia opened her mouth to speak, but realized with horror that she was stumped. How in the world could she not know Kaylin's last name? As a matter of fact, what exactly did she know about this girl? Sophia stared down at the table as if she were trying to fit the pieces to a puzzle together."Love, why do you let this woman bother you?" Marilyn asked with concern, "So you had a rebound. It sounds like that's what it was for her, too. Now that you've got that out of your system, you can move on." She looked at her watch and added, "Oh, just like me. I got class in a few. Listen to me, love; hold your enemies closer than your friends, but hold your friends closer than strangers."Even with a metaphoric. He was right. The water was cool and wonderful. We swam together to the falls and splashed underneath.Then I swam back to my blanket. He lifted me up. Those strong hands on my waist lifting me easily to where my blanket and lunch were. I climbed up…showing him my bottom again…why was I always displaying myself to him? But that was what was happening…he pushed me slightly until I found my footing and then sat on my blanket. “That was nice,” I said. He smiled.“My name is Carol.” “Percy, Percy Kinimaka.” “Thank you Percy.” And then…since we knew each other now: “Would you like some of my lunch?” “Do you have enough?” he asked…”We’ll find out…come and sit with me,” and he did. We must have looked like a study in a still life: white skinned Haole girl/dark skinned bronzed native man. Surely an artist would study us.There were a few others at the Falls, two children and their family who splashed and played, I brought out the wine and the cheese and bread…just enough for.
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