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"Misty, where are we going?" I askedamidst a lot of cat calls and vulgar remarks from the other convicts."Just you follow me and ignore these assholes, they are just jealousthat they cannot have us because Rocky and Mack would kill any of themif they ever touched us," she spat out loudly so the others would hear,as we moved down the corridor.Part 7We came to a door marked 'storage' and Misty opened the door and pulledme inside. As soon as the door shut she pulled me towards her, put herhands around my waist and kissed me deeply. "Oh Princess, it is so nice to have a girlfriend again," she sighed.I smiled at her and a thousand thoughts were running through my head allat once. As I started to ask, she put a finger to my lip and said, "Iknow you have many questions and I will answer as many as possible. Wehave three hours to ourselves in here, although the occasional guard maystick his head in here for a cheap thrill, but this is our sanctuary.Before I even try to explain anything to. After taking a second drag from my cigarette, I considered my own actionsand just how out of character they were. In fact, absolutely everythingI'd done since going through my twist was out of character. However thatwas hardly surprising. I'd just gone through my twist so it was obviousthat more than just my body had been changed.When I woke up, instead of taking the opportunity to escape like I shouldhave, I'd used it to go after Caitlyn instead. I'd not only used a trick Ididn't even know I possessed to turn her from a dominatrix into asubmissive little thing, but I'd been completely turned on by it. And now,here I was smoking and casually looking through Caitlyn's closet.I knew that being turned into a girl should have freaked me out, but Ididn't feel freaked out in the least. Instead, I actually felt strangelycalm and in control.A part of my easy acceptance probably came from the fact that I'd known myentire life that I would eventually become twisted, that my body and.
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