My Girl Friend Sending For Me

"If I had a girlfriend I'd remember her." Like you remember your sister and me," she said, smiling impishly."What do you want?" he yelled."I want you to be Bob," she said softly. "I want you to be yourself, the man who wrote me letters, the man who my kids adopted. That's all I ever wanted." But what if I want more?" he whined."Do you?" she asked, and then held her breath. She was going crazy inside again.He opened his mouth to speak and then stopped. He took two deep breaths."I don't think I'm supposed to," he finally said.She wanted to scream "Why not?" but the fact was he might actually have a girlfriend out there somewhere. She couldn't believe women would let a man like this run free."All right then," she said. "All we'll do tonight is get to know each other better. Tomorrow I'll slip on out of here and you can tell them whatever you want." Okay," he said. He sounded tired."I need a shower," she said. "Can you go find us something to munch on tonight? And some drinks maybe? My. ...”Tuesday: early Tuesday.I laid in bed staring at the ceiling in just my loosely tied robe, going over the “plan” in my head, (and even in my head the use of “plan” is tenuous) and listened to the sounds of the house, more specifically daddy getting ready for work. I heard the shower for a while now and it hadn’t turned off yet. I cocked my head and smirked when the time passed that my father would have ordinarily shut off the shower.“He’s jacking off again!?” I screamed manically, well in my head but still.I had noticed for a really long time that my parents had some pretty ingrained behaviors. My father, since I was born, has checked up on me like clockwork first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I’ve noticed years ago and allowed it to continue, well I never mentioned it really, just my dad looking in on me. As I got older and matured I was just careful to be decent during those times, so he probably still doesn’t realize he’s doing it, well maybe.So, today, much like.
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