Desi Chick Eager For A Quicky

They gave me a big smile and waved. "Hey good lookin, wanna go for a ride?" One called as I passed. Another one tipped an imaginary hat and gave me a little bow and a big smile."Not today, I said. "Just here for a little talk with Randy." I kept going onto the trailer and they continued on to a big pickup truck parked beside my car.I walked into the trailer right at 11. The place was a mess, papers laying in piles, book cases full of folders in disarray and a dented, grey file cabinet behind his desk. Old calendars with pin up girls decorated the walls.Randy was at his desk taking up the right end of the 10 foot wide trailer. Another desk was to the left and a dirty, tan leather couch was between the two against the center wall.Randy came around the desk when I arrived and took my hand. "Charlie," he said, "you look really great" He kissed me on the cheek and he turned me around. "I just love the way you look in that dress. Please," he said with a smile, "have a seat. Henry is out. He didn't say a word. He just slid her bikini top up and feasted on her breasts, licking and sucking them. He rubbed and squeezed her ass as he pressed his hard throbbing cock on her pussy.He slid her bikini bottom off and lifted her up a little, and thrust his prick up into her cunt."Gonna fuck you, baby," he rasped. "Gonna fuck your pussy, honey."He drove his dick up her cunt, jamming it deep."Ah yeah," he huffed. "Fucking you now, baby, unhh yeah—fucking my daughter—yeah—ah baby, your daddy's fucking you." Oh Daddy, ahh!" she gasped. "Oh ah, umm." She wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust back at him, humping her cunt to meet his thrusts.He pumped her pussy, screwing her fully and strongly, jabbing his cock up and down."Unhh yeah—sweet fucking pussy you!" he gasped. "Ah yeah, fuck, daughter, fuck!" Oh god--unh ah--ooh ahh yess!" she panted and jerked and hunched. "Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she cried.He speared his prick up her pussy, jamming every inch of it in her, and then.
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