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She kept this up for some minutes, up and down from anus to balls and back untill I started to moan out loud again. She then took a pillow wich she propped up under my ass so she would have her hands free. My anus, perineum and balls were now coated in saliva and while she kept tickling me there with her tongue, she started using her nails and fingertips on me again. When her tongue was at my anus, she would tickle my balls and perineum, when she was licking my balls she tickled my anus and perineum. I was moaning, babbling and panting like mad and trying to pull away from her maddening motions, but push me closer to her at the same time. She was driving me insane. But whatever I was trying, I was helpless being tied down with the pillow under my ass. She could have her way with me for as long as she wanted. And so she did. She kept on licking and tickling and sometimes even pushing the tip of her tongue into my anus slightly. I remember starting a mantra “please, please, please,. Rathode- mother sirDoctor-where is your fatherRathode- he is out of station we will be back in few daysDoc- ok look this one is serious she will gonna have ovary cancer this symptoms is look like that onlyBut u need not to vary, due to this her egg in ovary is not generating so a severe pain of pleasure she is experiencing nowRat- whatDoc- I know this is embarrassing .This pains remains permanently but if she mate it will lost in 3 days but it again starts next month in same time same date but the sex she had must be continuous for 3 days by do not wasting timeVijaya herd this all conversation and she said but my husband is not here and I have severe painDoc-write if she did not do it now it also dangerous for her lifeRathode- what to doDoc – call himVijay – if we call him it take 2 days for him to reachDoc – if u both agree i’ll suggest one thingVijaya- what’s that doctorDoc-u both do it there is nothing harm in that think about itVijaya and rathode get shocked and they leave the.
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