Gandi Baat S04 E01

Peter, 42 year old blue collar worker, he was not over weight and had a good physique. It was so hot he had to take his tie off and unbutton his shirt a little.As he wafted his shirt and blew downwards he looked over to see a 30 something slim elegant lady about the same height as him unbutton the top two buttons of her long flowing summer dress. After doing so she flung her hair back and noticed Peter observing her before he quickly looked in the other direction.“Excuse me do you mind if I open this window, it is just so hot in here?” Linda asked as she wafted her dress at the collar whilst she undid another button.“Err Sorry oh oh open the window yes, yes indeed.”Peter had taken so long to reply owing to nerves that Linda had already risen from her seat and was fiddling with the window opener. Peter stood up to help, as he did so he could not help but look at Linda. As she stretched to open the window he could see that her dress was clinging to her, his eyes ran from her feet up her. “I was just—”But then she stopped talking. I noticed that her cheeks were blushing. Maybe it was my look, or perhaps it was the twinkle in my eye. Maybe, I thought, it was the way my hard dick’s outline in my pants. In any case, it was clear that she realized I knew what she’d been up to. We were kind of numb, Neither of us said a word, just stood to stare at each other in silence for a few minutes, I tried to think of what to do next, when Hasina acted first. She reached out, wrapped her hand around the bulge in my pants and pulled me toward her. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms tightly around her. Then I let my hands roamed lower, caressing her big breasts and massaging her soft ass.Suddenly Hasina pushed me and dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly opened my belt and zipper, then pulled my pants to the ground. Released, my dick sprang forward. In an instant, Hasina was sucking lightly on my cockhead while gently rolling my balls between her fingers..
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