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.. We can deploy the Beehive directly over friendly troops -- the bomblets generate a repulsion field upon detection of the material in standard chameleon battledress uniforms and redeploy outward using it." The simulation showed the round detonating over friendly troops -- and dispersing its effect in a circle beyond them."That's cute -- but you'll get collateral damage," one of the other company commanders pointed out. "Splinters, flying debris..." True," the S-4 admitted. "But if the troops take cover, they'll be out of direct explosive effect and most ejected material from explosions on the perimeter. It's a lot safer than a 'danger close' mortar barrage. The charges are meant to decimate the target by turning it into Swiss Cheese, not by turning it into secondary projectiles." So who gets to field test this thing?" CPT Mackay asked."You do," the Battalion Commander replied."Me and my big mouth..."Ned's squad trained with the weapon for a week in the 'local training area' - a. People want their daughter’s to be safe and feel having so many randy young men can only lead to trouble. The houses are clean and safe. The whores’ health is assured by regular visits to the town’s small medical clinic. The town’s police as well as the campus police who really do most of the law enforcement in town only go to Prospect Lane if they are called to handle an unruly customer of which there are few. There is little crime in town. The students are under a strict behavior policy which is vigorously enforced. Violations result in heavy fines for students, which even the richest of parents are loathed to pay and expulsions are handed out liberally in the few cases that require such action. The townspeople tend to be law abiding and for those who stray the local codes are as strict as the college’s rules. The town’s small jail seldom has customers, but for those who do find themselves on the wrong side of the law there is a long stay awaiting an appearance before the town.
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