Muthiya (2020) UNRATED 720p HEVC HDRip Gujarati S02E01 Hot Web Series

. were you thinking about dirty things, Hailey?"I flushed but made myself nod meekly. Oh God, I wanted her in me; if Ihad to indulge her teasing to get there I would swallow my pride asquickly as I swallowed her earlier."Was it, Jarod you were thinking about? Were you fantasizing about doingnaughty things with your boyfriend later?" Steph asked accusingly."N-no..." I stammered out, my breath catching with each stroke of herfingers against the hot fabric."Then what was it? Who was it that you were thinking about doing suchlascivious things with?" You, Steph... I want to do it with you."Steph's eyes shined cruelly behind her glasses, she was enjoying this."Say it clearly... what do you want to do with me?"You're going to make me say it? I thought, as her rubbing between mythighs increased in fervor. I opened my mouth, but Steph stuck herfingers from her other hand inside. Without thinking I began to suck onthem."Careful," Steph intoned quietly, "this is a family establishment. Wecan't. I lay shivering, recovering from my first sexual experience with another person. I would never have dreamt that it would have been with a girl, let alone one of such beauty. She lay at my side, holding me close, comforting me. I rolled over to face her and pressed my lips to hers. “Thank you, Lucy,” I whispered as I leaned in to kiss her lips that were still sticky and tasted of myself. She smiled and kissed me again. Her left leg found its way between my legs, parting them and opening me up to her once again. She moved herself in a way that caused us to press our pussies together, sending another bolt of pleasure through my body. She showed me what to do, she taught me how to scissor. We pressed ourselves together, causing our clits to grind against each other. We each rode the other, my overwhelming wetness enough lubricant for the both of make use of. Our lips entangled with passion filling me up once again. I fought it back, pushing it down in an attempt to hold my orgasm at bay.
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