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. Yeah. Why?Matt: Call Brad. I'll call Grant. Let's meet up at Gallahan's at noon.Dylan: Oh . . . This sounds serious. Should we synchronize our watches and use a password?Matt: Swordfish.And he ended the call.About ten minutes past noon, Grant walked into the somewhat crowded watering hole, the last to arrive. He ordered a diet soda rather than an alcoholic beverage. Matt, too, was drinking a cola; he had a ton of numbers to crunch before leaving the office that afternoon and had to keep a clear head. The other two men were having breakfasts of champions. Dry martinis."So, what's going on?" Grant, the youngest member of the group, looked from one face to the other."You read the e-Mail," the forty-something Dylan replied. "Matt's old lady is playing a game of 'chicken' with him and we've got rounded up as three more cluckers."Grant stared at Matt, hoping for further elaboration. Taking a deep breath, the C.P.A. said, "We were watching an old episode of Glee last night. It was the one. " No. You owe that to Becky. I was just here for both of you guys, that's all." Yeah, but I was a bit hard on you. You've been here for us... mostly Becky, but both of us in many ways too. I had no right accusing you of anything like I did last night. None." Forget about it John. You were upset, and not thinking clearly. It happens." Well, I'm sorry anyway. Please forgive me." Okay, okay, you're forgiven. Now... go fix things with Becky."I left her and went in to our bedroom door. Knocking, I waited until Becky opened it up."Oh, it's you." Look... I've been a fool Becky. I... I was thinking of myself instead of you, even though I had fooled myself into believing I was thinking of you. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt..." "This another plan to throw me off John?" NO. Look, last night Samantha made me see how big a fool I've been. I thought about it and I have nothing that I can say that can make up for how I've acted or what I planned. Our kids mean the world to me too, I was just.
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