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“You are the most handsome man I have ever met.” I bent down and kissed his lips lightly. He grabbed on tightly to my butt and pulled me close against him. Wrapping my arms around him the kiss heated. My hands slipped up the back of his shirt, dragging my nails slightly. Reaching under my shirt he pulled it off. I grabbed the bottom of his and it quickly joined mine on the floor. His hands rubbed down my thighs and cupped my butt. Lifting me up, sat up and set me down on his lap. His lips never stopped kissing me. He moved down to my neck, kissing it all over, making sure not to leave a single inch untouched. His hand felt their way up my back until they reached my bra clasp. Took a little effort but he got it off quickly and it fell to the floor. Leaning back he smiled at me. Bending over he took one of my nipples into his mouth. I gasped in pleasure. My head flopped back and my breath came in gasps. He nibbled and sucked and then moved on to the next. He pulled back and gave me. Then there was, of course, Jenneke and her exhibition… that was a hard one to remember and I winced in pain. Then, finally, the memories of Justyna and last night and… Oh, God.I was being so kind and careful not to go to her too soon, and she was the same. Once the door was locked (twice) and we were alone we kissed and kissed. Then a pause as we hesitated, both eager but we were new to each other. I think it’s better for one to give and the other to receive, for us, I mean lesbians, it’s especially important. So, who would blink first!“Shall we take all our clothes off?” Said Justyna. And so we did, separately, almost privately, like in school changing rooms. We both turned and stood just as we were, either side of the bed, we looked at each other’s naked bodies for the first time. We both giggled as we realised that we were so different.Justyna was lovely and curvy! About my height with proper boobs and everything. A neatly trimmed triangle of tight curls. A belly button piercing. As.
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