Iranian Mom With Her Landlord رابطه جنسی با صاحبخانه من و بسیاری از اسپرم

" Carly had dropped her trench coat a little over an hour before, revealing her naked body underneath. She had tossed it onto the sofa and neither she nor her son gave it another thought."Um ... it's..." Stephen was stammering again. "Paige, I..." You son of a bitch! That sure as hell isn't your coat, is it? Whose is it, Stephen? Who's here with you?" Paige surveyed the room and for the first time saw the French doors to the bedroom. She walked quickly and purposefully in that direction."Paige, wait," Stephen implored. "Paige, don't go in there. Let's just go home and start over." Paige wasn't hearing him now. Her only mission was to see who was on the other side of the glass doors. She flung the doors wide and looked in. For a brief moment, she saw a pair of black heels on the floor at the foot of the bed.In the next few seconds, Paige's brain seemed to stop functioning. She knew she was seeing a woman. The blonde was standing next to the bed, clutching a bed sheet to her body.. The suit wasn’t helping either. What is it with men in suits? Christ, it just does something to them. I sipped my drink and tried to engage in the conversation I was part of until he made his entrance to the party. I smiled and laughed at all the correct times but my mind was too preoccupied to actually understand the conversation. That man, Damon, was my husband. Nothing I did or said could get him to remember that, short of jumping on him but I’d been advised that would be classed as rape. Damn it, why did he have to be so handsome? Why the hell couldn't’t he remember that he loved me and not that skank on his arm? Ok, she’s not really a skank and it really isn’t her fault that he remembered an old high school sweetheart instead of the actual love of his life. Well she wasn’t exactly going to say no to the advances of a man so beautiful even the gods would weep, was she? If only I could, did, said...that’s all I’m left with now, well that and the bittersweet memories. I need air, I.
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