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‘Okay, what do you have in mind?’ She flooded my face with kisses. ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Carla told me her plan. I went back and hung out with Tommy and told him Carla was going to take a nap, but that she wanted to be awakened at nine for a TV show. ‘That’s about the time I should be getting home anyway,’ Tommy said. A half hour later, at about three till nine, I nudged him and told him I was going to go get my books and stuff out of the car and asked him to wake Carla up. ‘Okay. I’ll go tell her it’s time to watch her movie, then I’m heading home. See you tomorrow, Tony.’ ‘Right. Take it easy.’ I left the apartment and took a long and leisurely route to the car. I then got in and sat in it for a couple of minutes, thumbing through a textbook to give Carla more time to carry out her plan. When I returned, the place was dimly lit and empty. I called out and heard nothing, so I headed to the bedroom and stopped at the door. Carla was lying totally naked on the bed, legs. There’s the master bedroom on the first floor, which is so big it’s almost a suite. It has a fireplace with a seating area, a large walk-in closet, and a master bath. Upstairs there are four bedrooms: Grandma’s before she died, my older sister’s, who died of meningitis when I was eight, the unused guest room which is now full of those things you will never use but you don’t want to throw away, and mine.My sister’s room is frozen in time, left just as she left it, as a memorial. Clay and his mom moved in and Clay took Grandma’s room and threw out all the frou-frou and do-dads, stripping it down to the basics of a monk’s cell.Clay and I are almost the same age. I’m two months from my twenty-seventh birthday, and Clay turned twenty-eight last month. He got married straight out of high school, divorced three years ago and has two little kids he sees regularly. After meeting we soon discovered we had many of the same interest. We have both run the half-marathon, love cross-country skiing,.
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