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" Let me hear it again, or for the first time," Ray pleaded."What do you want to hear?" Dana replied."About you as a child." Why should I? You never talk about your childhood." Please," he responded."You know my dad left when I was about 8. He couldn't hold down a job. And that made him angry. He was always so moody and angry. At what, I never knew. He and mom were always fighting. Then he had enough. He packed his bags one night and that was the last that we ever saw him." she said plainly in the same voice reserved for talking about the Dow Jones."You were only 8. How did you mother take it?" She was lost. She was scared. She spent a long time complaining. I took care of myself for a while. And then she finally snapped out of it. She found a way to make ends meet. But she was always bitter. She never really moved on. She was always waiting for him to come back. She probably denied it, but every time the door knob rattled, I think she was hoping it was him." Did he ever?" Ray asked. "Do me. Now."Wendy had just come home, and it hadn't been ten seconds before I swept her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom in my arms. The soft thump that came from her bag dropping from her grasp and hitting the tiled hallway floor echoed inside me as I lay her on our bed. A few moments more, and I had her stripped to her skin, stretched out with her legs spread wide in front of me.Needless to say, I had missed her a lot.It had only been a week, but it had seemed more like a month since we had last fucked. Wendy had been away at her mother's, helping with spring cleaning as she had been promising to do for months. Because of work, I had stayed home, watching the house in the evenings and getting hornier by the minute. I know it sounds funny, but I actually craved sex with my wife, even more than usual. My mind was racing like a pent-up newlywed's all week long, straining to see that woman - that stunningly sexy woman - just one more time. And why not?After all, the memories.
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