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Now was the moment of truth ... I tucked my car keys in my towel, removed my shirt and slipped off my shorts.Five minutes later, I was sitting out the back (out the back refers to being out past the breakers). The feeling of only wearing speedos always gives a sense of freedom and as I sat up on the board it felt amazing, even if a little naked.It still wasn’t ten o’clock but as I looked back to the beach I saw a guy next to my towel with his surfboard on the ground. When the guy stripped down to a pair of red speedos it was obvious that was Marc. It definitely looked strange seeing a guy with a surfboard under his arm only wearing a little speedo, but it looked hot as well. Marc looked just as he did from his photos which was really hot. He paddled out to me.While Marc was paddling out my mind wandered to thoughts of what the two of us would get up to. So, by the time he pulled up next to me, my cock had stirred a little inside the lycra of my speedo.As Marc paddled up to me he sat. He turned around holding a cane. He whooshed it though the air a time or two to get the feel of it. Then he continued, ?I am going to use this just once on each of you. After that you will have the opportunity to beg me to stop and I will. If you do not then you will each receive another stroke. This will continue until one of you cries ‘uncle’. If one of you does before the other has her stroke, she will have to take an equalizing stroke plus one more. If both of you cry ‘uncle’ at the same time or fail to take the equalizing stroke then you will both be severely caned in front of the whole school. The winner will get to be fucked and be allowed to cum and then tonight will spank the loser.?Marilyn, assume the position.?Marilyn came over and put her hands on her head, turning her back to her Master. Then she bent forward slightly and arched her back to push her bottom out. Finally she spread her legs apart and put her hands on her head, fingers interlaced. She braced.
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