Desi Bur Chut Chudai

You may occupy an office here and your clothes may be designer, but at heart you're nothing but a common whore. You'll let anyone do anything to you for money." Not anymore!" Oh, so now we've suddenly developed some backbone have we?" I've suddenly realized that I have no self respect and the only way to get it back is to quit!" And just what do you propose to do for a living? With your paltry education and experience you'll be lucky to find a job that pays you ten percent of what you're making here." That may be true, but at least..." Go ahead! Quit! Women like you are a dime a dozen: pretty face and pleasing body but nothing else. Actually you'll be doing me a favor. I "auditioned" a woman yesterday for your position. She's younger than you with twice the education and experience. Oh, yes and she's prettier and a much better fuck as well. I was going to try to find a place for you entertaining clients, but the truth is, at your age, they would grow tired of you soon anyway. So go. I was nervous that first time, being on my knees in front of him. But I was also so sure. I wanted nothing else more than to see his cock, to touch it, to caress it, to suck it, to pleasure it. He unzipped his fly and reached in and took his cock out. My eyes widen at the sight. His cock, just inches from my face and my trembling lips, was huge, vein and foreskin covered and beautiful. I could do nothing but stare at it. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was love at first sight. I instantly knew I loved cock. I touched his cock and felt it’s weight in my hand, so soft, smooth and warm. Instinctively and naturally, I began to lovingly kiss it. I could feel it slowly thicken under my lips, I could feel it slowly swell and harden. It was thrilling! My young boy cock already felt on the edge of explosion and pulsed and throbbed in my jeans. Now fully erect, his already huge cock had lengthened and thickened even more. I felt weak and submissive to its power and eagerly licked it and.
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