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"I guess I could have been a trifle less dramatic, perhaps only bruising him a bit." Quite a gamble you took there," Someone I didn't recognize said from behind the Primogeness. "Using that old Whirlwind spell left you wide open without someone to Heal you." I had someone to Heal me." I nodded at Blaster. "A mage helped too, if I am not mistaken."Khadijah smiled, "Leave it to an old Warrior to be able to tell one Heal spell from another just by having it cast on him! I helped a little, old friend." Thank you, My Primogeness, I am not worthy." I bowed again."Isn't it ironic that you spend your days with young Mages and Warriors," Khadijah mused, "Teaching them to see their own self worth, when you cannot even see your own?"Blaster had been saying much the same thing for a decade; somehow it sounded more reasonable coming from her."I should go thank that young man." I said brushing off imaginary dust from my Moon blue armor, "Nothing like a good Hellfire to clean the blood off your. Just fuck yourself on that spit as much as you can until you die and try to enjoy it, dont think about the pain of the fire just think of the fire in your pussy that the spit is causing as it rubs on your clit Stacey said to her as she started to brush the special barbeque sauce on to Mollys skin making sure to scrape the hard bristles of the brush over her pussy lips and clit causing the young girl to cum again and stop thinking of the fire burning her skin and only think of the pleasure in her pussy. After about 20 minutes Mollys pussy orgasmed one final time and then her eyes went dark and she died when Stacey saw that Molly was gone and only meat was left in her place she threw more coal into the pit and moved her spit closer to the flames to cook the meat for the next hour at a higher temperature to get the spit out of her as soon as possible and get me on it as fast as possible, while Molly was finishing her ride on the spit I was over by the picnic table bent over it hands.
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