Today Exclusive-dirty Mind Episode 2

Beatrice and the other girl hugged both Rachel and Dianecongratulating them. Ginger Rose made her way over to me. "I take ityou're the coach." Yes Ma'am," I said."I see why my Aunt spoke so highly of you. She warned me we might havesome real competition this year." Then she spotted Sherry, "I bet youcan't wait to compete can you?" Uhh, Mom. Sherry is already better than Dana and half the squad,"Beatrice said."You didn't seem too surprised at the choice in music, young lady." I remembered last year's competition, when we didn't compete againstthem because they didn't have a full team routine. How could Diane andthe rest be any different?" So the two of you decided to go outside traditional music andpractice," Ginger was smiling."Nobody else wanted to join us they didn't believe us when we tried totell them they'd need to be ready for anything," said the other girl,whom I learned was named Caroline.Suddenly the rest of the girls began making friends and talking."Bea, what do you think. She wanted him to dictate what would happen to her tonight. Would he fuck her? Would force her to her knees and shove his cock deep into her throat? Would he roll her over and take her ass, whether she wanted him to or not? She didn’t care. She just wanted him to take the lead and cross whatever sexual boundary he deemed necessary for her. Indeed, Eric was going to fuck her very well tonight, and Amy knew that she would orgasm incredibly hard. Perhaps he would have her in all the ways she loved – doggy style, her on top, and pinned to the mattress. There would be moaning, screaming, silent gazes and explosive cursing as he fucked her relentlessly until she begged for him to bathe her entire body with his cum. As Amy pranced back and forth before him, teasing him, Eric blocked her path with an arm and turned her ass to him, before clasping both of her arms below the shoulders from behind. His hands slid up to her neckline and slid the dress from her shoulders, allowing it to fall. Her.
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