Girlfriend With Amazing Body Gets Fucked And Rides Pov & Then Jerks Out A Load

“To what do I owe this extreme show of love? I thought you hated my guts.” I said. “Why would you think that?” she asks. “Well first of all, wait a minute, how old are you? Thirteen?” “No, that was four years ago!” “So your s*******n now?” “Next month.” She says. “So why did you think I hate you?” “Because, that night at the end of last summer right before you went home.” I said. “You were being very naughty that night Uncle Bill, I know I stopped you from pulling my pants down, but I didn’t stop you when you had your hand inside my sweat pants and inside my panties”. “I didn’t scare you to death?” “You weren’t frightened?” I asked. “No, I didn’t want you to stop, but when you did I was ok with it until you started reaching for the waist band of my pants. I only made you stop then because Aunt Joy was asleep in the next room and I just knew if I let you go that far she would walk in on us.” “I’m glad one of us had some since then.” I said.“Besides Uncle Bill if I were scared of you I. Feel them. Oh, wow. Your touch is so gentle. I wasn’t expecting that. No, in a good way. You know exactly how to caress them. God, this is so hot. I knew I wanted to do this with you for a while. Yeah, well, I like playing the tease. It paid off, didn’t it?Kiss me again. Grab my ass like you mean it. Grind back up against me. This is so much hotter than with your girlfriend, isn’t it? It’s her loss for not worshipping this cock every day. Speaking of, that monster has been in your pants for far too long. I want to finally see it in person.Ha, okay. I’ll get on the bed. Show me if you can do a better strip-tease than I can. God damn, yes. Take that shirt off. Do you work out? Yeah, it definitely shows. Hey, no covering up, mister. Be proud of that body.Oh. Right. Hey, breathe. Don’t think about your demons. Even if you feel that way about yourself, think about how badly someone else wants you. Ignore your demons. Mental health is my passion, and I’m going to take such good care of.
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