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His name was Vincent, and he was sweet enough. He was my first serious relationship. However, he always had a way of ripping that void of isolation even larger. Every time we were together, he would tell me the usual “Baby, I love you.” and “I want to be with you all the time.” But words are nothing. He proved that to be true. He was never around, and could barely make time for me. Eventually I felt that my every attempt to deepen our relationship was more like another stab of annoyance in his hectic life. As time went by, our lusty little relationship slowly diminished... but neither of us decided to break it off. Time and time again, I avoided potential relationships with other men as I still believed I only wanted Vincent. I wanted nothing more than his acceptance, just as always. I wanted him to want me... and an aching fear of being left by him was always on my mind. I was so alone. Day after day I had waited for him... What started off as regular, romantic dates, eventually. He comped their drinks for the evening and they found a fruit bowl in the suite when they returned with a nice card of apology from the hotel manager.Ginger was aghast at what had happened. She rubbed her cheek. “I’ve had no end of guys hit on me but this was the worst of the worst situations I’ve had. It happened so fast. I’ve never had one hit me when I turned him down, and ... what you did. Did you break a bone?”“I think I did. He was numb; I don’t think he felt it but he will. I don’t know my own strength sometimes. I briefly thought about following the martial arts progression, too: avoid the conflict, block further attack, if that seems impossible, then attack to hurt, then injure or maim, and if that seems to not be working you go for the kill.”Ginger nodded, “Just what I was taught; go for the minimum amount of force that will get the job done. I was so slow out of the starting gates. You had the problem solved before I woke up that there was a serious problem there. He was.
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