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Well, Jess, what do you think?” I asked Jessica, who blushed a little.“Do I get to fuck him, too?” Jessica pointed to Jason, for whom she understandably lusted.“Definitely!” Emely blurted.“Yep! Totally!” Amy agreed.“Well, if my girlfriends are cool with it, so am I! I could certainly use the V. You could drink from me, too, of course,” Jason surprised him, “though in the past I would have judged myself for allowing that.”“But you’re learning and growing, aren’t you, Jason? You will exchange blood with Jessica, as will Amy and Emely, of course. In fact, Jessica, why don’t you spend the night ... and day here. You can keep it light-tight, right, guys? Oh, and don’t even think about treating her the way that you plotted to treat Eddie, Amy. Capice?” I glamored Jason and his girlfriends.“Oooh, foursome time! Good thing that the V will help you keep it up!” Amy beamed.“Well, first, of course, I’m going to hump Amy and Emely while you get it on with Vivien and Violet Harmon here. They’re. But I’m a virgin - I have never had sex and never had anything in me except my own fingers. I’ve also never seen a… man. I just didn’t feel like anyone was the ‘right one’ for me. I want my first time to be special and wonderful; you only have a first time once,” she said.“I agree your first time should be special, Cindy,” I said.“That’s what Mom says too,” she said, “Steve if it’s alright with you, I would like for you to be my first and take my cherry. I want you to do the same things to me that you did to my Mom that day, and make me feel the way you made her feel. I’m sorry I had to trick you like I did, but with her out of town, I thought this might be my only chance to find out what I’ve been missing.”“Well, Cindy, tricking me was probably not the best way to go about this, but I understand your situation. At least you were honest enough to let me know the deal before getting too involved in it. Does your mother know that you have ‘made out ’ as you say with your boyfriends?” I.
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