Like they say, “walk before you run.”The next week went by without much fanfare. I started and ended each day by walking a loop around the subdivision, about a mile or so each time. I had found a rubber band weight machine in the basement, that I moved upstairs and started using twice a week for an hour each time. I figured I’d get the whole thing with the hospital finished before I started calling around for martial arts classes.I read a lot and made sure to get my chores done in a timely manner. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with my younger siblings as they went to daycare at Fort McPherson where my mom worked. I still was friendly with the neighborhood kids my body age; though it wasn’t the hanging out like the first time around. I just had too much stuff to get done.It was just a little over a week after the hospital incident that Bob called. He was set to have a meeting with the hospital lawyers in two days on Wednesday. Well, I’d soon either be moving quickly forward with my. They began doing their thing as others left and Mike needed Sean to spot him. Mike lay back on the bench press and Sean stood behind the press. His shorts were over Mike’s head and as Mike began he saw the outline of his stepfather’s cock. He finished the set and when he looked around there was only one other person beside them left. They decided it was time to go home so they went to the showers. They got to the showers and slowly shed their clothing. Mike’s cock couldn’t help, but grow as he saw his father’s skin come into view. He stared at the sweat-covered six-pack completely bare of hair. Mike and his stepdad were down to their boxers and soon they were peeled off. Mike’s fully erect cock came into view as he saw his dad’s large, soft dick pop out. This was the first clean-shaven cock Mike had seen in real life. He followed his father into the large gym shower, noting the smooth ass his father had. They reached the shower and the water poured out of multiple spouts. Mike felt.
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