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“That would be lovely,” you respond and I make you toast and tea. We chat over breakfast and then you go off to get dressed. A few minutes later I hear my phone ringing and I head to get it from my room. I stop in my tracks when I notice your door open. I look in and see your near-naked back, my nipples hardening immediately. I continue watching as you button up your jeans, seemingly oblivious that you are half naked and I am watching. I quietly make my way into the room, going up behind you and shout, "Boo!" You jump and squeal at me. You stare at me with your hands on your hips, catching your breath. “Why did you sneak up on me?” I say, “I thought it would be fun and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that.” "An opportunity for what? To scare me or see my boobs?" I respond confidently, “Both!” You giggle and lightly punch me. I playfully push you and you push me harder. Before I know it, we are locked in mock wrestling, I use my strength to guide us to the bed and you crash. BEEP....2.30a.m. Vikki rolled out of bed and slammed the alarm clock. It was too early but it would all be worth it when she arrived in Turkey for her last holiday before uni. Vikki looked at herself in the mirror, her blonde hair was a little scruffy having just woken up after 4 hours sleep but it did not detract from her obvious beauty. At 5’7, slim and 30CC she was many teenage boys dream but that hadn’t stopped her now ex-boyfriend sleeping with the school slut just 2 months before they finished school forever. “Oh well,” she thought “The girls will help me forget that bastard over the next ten days in Turkey.” There would be four of them, Vikki, Steph, Tara and Charlie all heading for a last girls holiday before moving to different parts of the UK for university next year. The plan was sun, sea and after a little booze maybe some sex. The girls arrived in Turkey mid-afternoon and were welcomed by the scorching sun. They went straight to Steph’s parents’ villa where they.
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