Indian Sexy Movie – We Are Friends S01e02

Raat ko main jaldi apney room main chala gaiya laken dair tuk so nahi paiya next day jab 10 bajey main jaga to mummy kitchen main kam karte huiye ro raahi thi. Main ney un sey poocha ki yum kiyon ro rahi ho mummy to us ney kaha ki tumharey papa ne raat ko mujhey mara aur cigarette se mari kumar bhi jalai yeh kahney ke baad mummy ne apni back se kumeez hatai aur mujhey apni kumar dikhai yeh dakh kar main bhi roney laga aur mainney us se pocha ki hua kia tha us ney mujhey bataiya ki main to un ko piyar kar rahi thi. Laken laken kiya mummy? Main ney tum se aik baat chupai hai. Baat koon si baat? Woh boli yeh ki tumharey papa ka aik ludki (girl) ke saahAffair hai main yeh baat 5 saal se janti hoon yeh baat tumharey papa ne khud mujhey batai thi. Kiya aur tum mujhey aab bata rahi ho i asked her she replied:us waqt tum chotay thay. Main ne us se kaha aur aab bhi tum us insan se piyar karti ho? Us ne kaha nahi ab main tum se piyar karti hoon aur main tum se chudai karwana chahati hoon yeh. Are you going to spank me?” “Would you like me to?” I nodded, the rising excitement making it impossible for me to speak. “Go and get me the hairbrush,” she said, well actually ordered. I got off the bed and pulled up my panties before grabbing the brush from her dresser. Mia had done the same and was sitting on the edge waiting for me. I handed her the square headed brush with its thick round handle. “Bend over my knee then,” she said tapping her thigh. “Don’t spank me too hard,” I spluttered wondering what I had let myself in for. “I won’t,” she promised. It felt really odd bending over her knee, her little skirt had ridden right up and I felt her bare legs beneath me. Mia pulled my skirt up and slapped me squarely on the bottom twice. “Oooowch! ... Yeeeeow!” I yelled. “God that really hurts.” “Just two more then,” she mused. “Okay, go on then ... Oooow! ... Oooowch!” I was pushing off her knee when she added two more. Jumping to my feet I had both hands firmly on my.
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