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" You marvel!" Mum laughed in a sudden swing of mood, "Wouldn't a shower be better though, it would take less effort." Can you balance for that long on one leg?" I asked."I'll have to." She declared, "Come on, get that thing on my leg!"Crouching down in front of my mother I slipped the bin liner onto her foot then started to roll it up her leg, as my eyes rose I was greeted by the sight of my mother's panties, gulping I tore my eyes away and focussed on the bag. Even then I found myself feeling a growing excitement as I got the cast covered then tied the bin liner closed around her upper thigh. It was the feel of her warm skin under my hands that caused the excitement in me, but I did my best to ignore this as I helped my mother to stand. Using me for support my mother hopped towards the bedroom door, eager to get to the bathroom, then, without warning, she stopped."This is no good." she sighed."Why?" I asked in puzzlement."I need to get undressed" she sighed again, "and I won't be. I was shocked when I finished buttoning up my pants and saw both girls waiting for me to finish. They just giggled and asked if I was going to watch them pee? They broke out into belly breaking laughter when I stuttered and sputtered my way back to the fire to check on the coffee. This was getting crazy! A guy couldn't even pee in peace.After I thought about it I joined them in laughing. Tia and Erika quietly sat down across from me. Both kept looking up at me and quickly looked down at the fire once they made eye contact with me. I knew they had questions but couldn't find the words or maybe the courage to ask them. I broke the tension by asking what they wanted to talk about.They both began at the same time almost word for word saying, "Can we stay with you --???" then looking at each other said, "you go" and "ok" revenge is sweet cuz it was my turn to belly laugh!Both girls grunted, had their arms crossed and an upset look on their face. It was more than I could handle and caused.
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