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Rachel was bubbling over the singing and the production in general. "I love the whole fantasy element! Those puppets are wonderful! Oh! Over there, the chap in a green shirt..." Yes?" He's in my myth course!" Well, you can talk to him tomorrow or the next day." Yes. It'll be a start. But, what did you think of the Queen of the Night?" You mean her voice or the costume?" The white costume, I thought she'd be in black or midnight blue." Well, she had to show against the dark and starry set. And if you see her as the moon, she should be white by the reflected light." What about the headdress?" Moon's crescent; just like the Phoenician Astarte." I thought Astarte was the Evening Star." In Babylonia and Egypt. You know the gods change as they appear in different locales, different cultures. Anyway, the opera's about the opposition of light and dark, of male and female, of good and evil." And noble and savage. Prince and birdcatcher." Right. There's the chime. That was a fast half-hour.". He just asked me to not hide anything from him. I happily agreed and to this day, even after so many years, there is not a single thing in my life, professionally, personally, or sexually that I have not shared with Sharma uncle.That day I told him about my growing attraction to older men, all my dirty thoughts and fantasies without holding back anything. The result was a very magical night where Sharma uncle got hard and fucked me two times. Believe me, girls, when I say that getting a man hard two times in the same night will lead to one of the longest fucks you would ever have with the man.The second time he got hard, he remained hard for so long and fucked with such vigor that I will honestly say it was one of the memorable nights ever. But unfortunately there was a hitch in my affair, Sharma uncle’s son was having a baby and they had to travel to another country for a few months.I was not very happy since only uncle and aunty were going, but not me. I lived alone in our house.
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