Open Marriage - Kamababa Hindi Hot Web Series (s1e3)

The noise, though, kept up, got louder, the closer he got to his and Anna’s hotel room. What the hell was that? An instant later, the sound stopped, just as Anna’s voicemail clicked on. ‘Hey, it’s me,’ he said after her greeting ended, ‘I…uh, just ran into Sam, and—’ He cut off, mid-sentence, his eyes catching on a tube of berry-colored lip gloss lying in the middle of the hallway. It looked exactly like one he’d seen Anna use about a thousand times. He bent and picked it up, turning it slowly between his fingers. Why the hell was her lip gloss lying in the middle of the hallway? He shoved the tube into his pocket and kept walking, only to stop again—this time, at the sight of Anna’s cell phone lying on the floor, just outside their closed hotel room door. What the…? The phone’s screen was still lit, showing his missed call, and a new voicemail. Frowning, he picked that up, too, realizing that the buzzing noise he’d heard must’ve been her phone vibrating against the floor with an. Still naked on her bed, the young girl’s eyes noticed the puddle of her jism just before it finished soaking into the comforter. Her skinny fingers dalloped up a few drips and she brought the stickiness to her nose.“Funny…” She whispered to herself, smelling the bleach-y scent of her cum. “How crazy this little bit of fluid makes me.” She smirked. “I’m such a different person when you’re out of me.” Mary’s sweaty stench still clung to her body. She cracked another smile as it wafted up her nose. “She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the deodorant thing. Not that I mind.” Maddi could barely make out the faint scent of her lover’s weak, failed teenage perfume. “Maybe I should take a shower.”She looked over her shoulder as her cell phone rumbled across her nightstand. Maddi rolled over the wet spot and snatched the phone, sliding her fingers along the screen.“Hello? Maddi Kroeger,” she chirped. “Savannah? How are you, love?”“Maddi.” Her friend’s solemn voice blared through the speaker..
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