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Don’t get embarrassed or try to hide it.”****Jake had an experience with a woman once before, a very serious affair in fact. When he was in college, he even got engaged to her. His beloved was named Alicia; she had been the love of his life so far.But something had gone wrong. Perhaps he had worn his heart bit too much on his sleeve, and she lost respect for him. But whatever it was, she dumped him for an older guy who ran his own financial consulting business. A mere bookkeeper couldn’t compete. That had ended just after his last senior semester at college, four years earlier. He didn’t make a good transition to adult dating. Perhaps he would have done better in the 1990s or earlier, but when he hit the scene online apps dominated the dating world.He thought he just wanted a “nice” girl, but he couldn’t find one in the digital maze. He didn’t have the looks or money to really get a lot of attention. Tinder was the absolute worst; there seemed to be no room for the likes of him at. “Yes, sir.” Ashriel remembered his partially dismantled Silver Comet. Only three people fit inside, four if you squeezed together. “Natanael, do you still have that old starcruiser you lived in with Eriel?” Natanael nodded. “It’s down in the hangar. Devon fixed it up for me. It’s better than new now.” Ashriel nodded. “Good. We’re going to need it. How fast can it go?” “As fast as you need.” Ashriel started at the sound of Devon’s deep voice behind him. He turned to narrow his eyes at the commander of the Alpha Angels. “As fast as I need?” Devon smiled, making Ashriel clench his fists. His resemblance to his father was creepy. “I can move that starcruiser as fast as you need to go.” “But in order to do that you need to be on it.” “Not necessarily, but in this case I will be.” “So you’re inviting yourself on my mission.” Suddenly, Devon didn’t look so sure of himself. His smile faded and he stared wide-eyed at Ashriel. “I’ve always wanted to go demon hunting.” Ashriel.
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