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He is sucking on them softly, biting enough to keep my mind in the lost haze. With my legs open to him, he rests between them perfect. He lifts me at the best angle he can, I oblige to him, giving myself to him. I feel him rub the head of his cock over my slit, soaking his cock with my juices. I’m so wet, it doesn't take much. He’s made me orgasm a few times in the soft, sensitive tease he’s putting me through. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. The head of him works down lower, I feel him spread me. It glides along perfectly; he moves his mouth to mine, kissing me. I take him; I kiss him with a hunger. As long as he can, without breaking my lustful daze, he begins to push inside me. I feel the slight pressure; it’s filling, and a little painful. I let out a soft whimper; a groan is more like it. He stills, slowing a little, but not stopping. He lets out kiss linger, sucking softly on my lower lip, seducing me into this. It’s what I. You let out a soft groan, and I know that you have the same thing on mind. I brush my fingers just right to get your length, and squeeze ever so gently. You gasp out, I’m sure shocked by my boldness, and the sensation of being touched. Your fingers grip me a little more, as if to keep yourself from ravishing me. “You’re not playing fair, my sweet girl,” you groan out, as I do it once more. “When have we ever played fair with each other, darling?” A soft giggle escapes my throat, and you growl lightly. You know as much as me this is true, and we enjoy toying with one another. “Take a walk with me, baby?” you ask, shifting a little. “I’d go anywhere in the world with you, love.” I slide out of the crook of your arm. I open my eyes, blinking a few times. We pack all our stuff, and toss it in the car, before walking casually around the park. There are fewer people now, all going to get lunch, leaving this paradise for us to enjoy. There are still a few people though. We both know where.
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