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The clothes he had quickly changed into were not the sweetest smelling, but they were dry. He hoped the salt that was encrusted in them, didn’t cause his skin to itch.The heat of the morning hinted that summer was here. The high humidity and low rolling clouds coming in from the sea also suggested that more storms were coming. He was sure that he was going to sweat a lot more as the day grew older.Still, he had survived so far.Serpin had also taken the young man’s measure.He certainly needed a good feed she decided. She also determined that he was going to slow her down. She had been interested to notice that while he was slim, he did have a man’s body. She had seen the points of his ears peeking out between his blonde curls and guessed he had a good dose of Pix in his heritage.Not that it was a bad thing. If he had been able to see her ears, he would have picked out that she too had Pix in her heritage, but her ears were not as long as his were when she was in human form. She had no. You must be Mrs Hendricks.’ Ariel smiled returning the hug. Then looking at the handsome man standing behind. ‘And is that Gareth?’ ‘Oh where are your manners boy?’ Ariana tease her son seeing that he was almost struck dumb by the beauty in front of him. ‘He’s usually more talkative.’ Ariana turning back to Ariel and taking her arm. ‘And you dear please call me Ariana, I have been divorced from Mr Hendricks for a long time now.’ Ariana smiled. ‘Hi, I am Gareth.’ He introduced himself, finally finding his voice. ‘And I am Ariel.’ Ariel had to suppress a giggle. ‘He is really tall and handsome.’ She thought to herself before deciding to shift the conversation to the reason for this meeting. ‘Ariana, my dad wanted you to have this.’ Ariel took out a package that looks like a book and handing it to Ariana. ‘ He left specific instructions to contact you in his will. And that this item to be handed to you personally.’ Ariana could not prevent a tear from falling down her cheek as she took.
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