Sania Mirza Bouncing BooB

She was fresh out of a Community College and a knock out too.Samantha was a natural blonde with some darker highlights in her hair. It was curly and hung almost to her waist. She had decided to wear a tiny green bikini top that hardly covered her areolas. She also had on a tiny pair of shorts that were well under her belly button and hardly past her crotch. Green high heels finished off her outfit.Her brother was wasted, so she asked me to take her someplace a little more exciting. We said our good byes and left. I had the rest of the week off and she was out of school so it was perfect.The next bar had an old unused stage in one corner. It looked as if it was left over from the disco days. Samantha asked the bartender where the owner was. They exchanged a few words then Samantha came back to me. She had made a deal to remove her top and dance to two Irish songs every half-hour in exchange for free drinks for her and I.She punched some numbers into the old jukebox, handed me her top,. Athanaal pengal aangal endra paagu paadu ilamal pazhaguvom, enaku en vayathu aagum thozhiyai migavum pidikum.Aval peyar rekha anaal aval aunty udan thaan nerukamaaga pazhagi kondu irupaal, naangal mundru perume nerukamaaga pazhaguvom.Andru niraiya siru pasangal irunthaargal, aunty kanam pochi aadalam endru sollinaal. Naan rekha udan ulasamaaga irukalam endra aasaiyil sari endru sollinen. Anaal aatam vilaiyaaduvathil anaivarum aarvamaaga irunthom. Naan sola ponal vilaiyaatil uuri viten, maati kolave kudathu endru ninaithu kondu irunthen.Oru siru pen kangalai mudi enna aarambithaal, aval enni mudipatharkul anaivarum angu irunthu kilambi vida vendum.Vegamaaga ozhinthu kola idam thedinom, appozhuthu aunty ennai ganesh en udan vaa da endru kaiyai pidithu kondu aval veetin ulle azhaithu sendru vital. Ulle sendrathum, engu ozhivathu endru theriya villai aunty ennai pavadaikul pugunthu kol endru sollinaal.Athai sollum pozhuthu aval mugam muzhuvathum kaamam vazhinthathu, enakum aasaiyaaga.
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