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I squeezed my eyes shut with each hit. But eventually, the whipping stopped. I heard Allie start to walk over to the front of me. She gazed down at my tits and stepped over to the side of me. I couldn't believe this, she would hit my tits as well. She raised her arm and I recoiled involuntarily. She swung her hand and the leather made contact with my nipples. I cried out in pain and lunged backwards, fighting against my restraints. I looked down at my tits and saw a pink mark running across them. My beautiful bouncy tits were about to be marked by Allie’s whip. She raised her arm again and I closed my eyes. I felt the whip hit the bottom of my tits. She was doing the same thing she had done with my ass, she was finding all of my exposed skin and hitting it. My tits are far more sensitive than my ass, so my cries were of pain and not merely of surprise like they were on my ass. Allie smiled at this. She brought the whip down even harder, once again finding my nipples. I began to zone. Back in the stock-area, Mrs Verity sank into a chair and kicked off her shoes, letting out a long, loud sigh of relief that seemed to exhale from every part of her ample frame. For me, it carried a deeply erotic charge.I had never dreamed I would be allowed to view her stockinged feet close-up, in private. And after a long day standing upright, supporting her considerable bulk, they would be full of her exciting taste, her special signature.Now I realized she had caught me staring. "You keep looking at my feet. Are you some kind of foot-fetishist?" Er... no, just an enjoyer of the female body in its entirety. I'm not sure it's really a fetish anyway. Nobody talks about the breast-fetish or the hair-fetish, do they?"Then I thought I would risk a personal question. "Doesn't your husband worship your feet?"This seemed to surprise her. "I don't think he's ever noticed them."That gave me another electric shock - the idea of those lovely stockinged feet walking through life unnoticed,.
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