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’ ‘I recall you saying that over and over last night!’ I grinned. A wet dish rag hit my stomach, and I somehow managed to grab it as the soaked cloth briefly clung to my shirt. ‘Hmm, feels like your panties last night!’ I heard Marlene break out into a scream of laughter, It does not! ‘Michael, you are so bad, how do you come up with these things?’ ‘It’s a gift,’ I laughed, tossing the wet rag back in Marlene’s direction. ‘Are you sure you can’t see?’ Marlene laughed as she caught the cloth before it reached her body. ‘Blind as a bat,’ I grinned. ‘Do you want some coffee, you nut?’ ‘Yes, please, my love kitten,’ I replied, reaching for the back of a chair, but coming up empty. ‘A little more to your left,’ Marlene directed while standing at the kitchen counter. We sat together, exchanging sexual inuindo’s while drinking our coffee. We laughed, groaned, and blushed while recalling the previous nights bedroom antics. We continued giggling like two school children until our coffee had. I already went to bed naked, so this morning I got up like it was normal. It was weird, now I felt like I had been naked for years. I did the usual, the bathroom, then to the kitchen for breakfast. Everyone had their breakfast then they disappeared. There I was left alone naked and nothing to do. Then I thought came into my mind to go see Cliff. I walked out of the house and straight to Cliff’s. He was surprised, not because I was naked but it was a second day in the row. My mom only cleans his house once a week. He invited me in and poured me a drink of whiskey. I never liked hard liquor, so I sipped on my drink while he told me another story of his. I found them amusing as I sat there at the kitchen table. Then I heard the doorbell ring and kind of jumped.“You could be a dear and answer the door.” He said with a smirk and handed me some money. I grabbed the money and stared at it for a second then headed for the door. I wanted this to be more exposed, to show everything I had. I.
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