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Her own hand rested almost absently on his thigh. He shifted trying to wordlessly encourage her to reach for his hardness. She smiled. He was no mystery to her. She knew what he wanted and she giggled temporarily denying him his need.He roughly grabbed her breasts and squeezed them punishing her for teasing him.“You gonna tease me you’re gonna pay,” he said, but he was smiling.“Sorry master,” she said. “Was I teasing you?”He didn’t even think of responding to a question that ridiculous. He pulled her down on the floor with him and began fiercely feeling her up. He slid down her legs, and, reaching under her, relieved her of her panties which he unceremoniously tossed aside.His hand cupped her barren labia and a finger invaded her. She grunted her discomfort, but it was a good kind of discomfort. He was her master and she his plaything, and she loved it.He rose to a kneeling position and loosened his belt. She found his zipper and pulled it down. She was no longer merely surrendering. I crawled back towards the river to get some space. Four steps away from the muddy river, I felt something prick the front of my thigh. I looked down and saw a black colored dart about four inches long. It hadn't gone very deep into my flesh and I easily pulled it out with a shaking hand. But the damage had already been done, the dart's had been tipped with a sedative. My vision was blurry and I fell to my knees. Before consciousness left me I saw three men emerge from the thick leaves. They were tall, dark and wore only a cloth around their waists fashioned into a pair of knotted shorts. The last thing I saw was their gleaming white teeth and eyes as they stood over me before the darkness closed in. I felt warm. My whole front side felt hot. My eyelids were still too heavy to open, so I concentrated on what I could feel. I was swaying slightly, evenly, side to side. It felt like someone was carrying me on their back. The warmth that burned through my thin shirt was their body heat..
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