Lankan Girl 2

She was busy in the bathroom, so I gave her some time by getting everything else in my room together for my meeting. When I finished, I needed to get in the shower, but she was cleaning the toilet room within the bathroom. It was a large bathroom in a suite at an upscale Vegas hotel, so in short, it was a huge bathroom with a separate bath, shower and toilet area. I waited for a bit, and then I politely yelled out that I was going to get in the shower (she had already cleaned that), if that was okay with her. I peeled off my sweaty running clothes and just as I took off my outer shorts, she came out of the toilet room but still had some cleaning to do in the main bathroom. I was still wearing a pair of Under Armour boxers. I asked her if she minded if I jumped in the shower while she finished. She was a little surprised, but said "Okay," though I am not sure whether she fully understood me or was flustered or not. So I turned from her and took off my underwear and stepped into the. ”“Count on it being bad along the way child. All is not as it seems as you will soon discover.” He started to turn then stopped. In a whisper he said, “Be aware that the one known as the Blood Queen has found a way to live on, she will in due course come to this land herself, to claim the gem fragments.” With that said, he turned and walked into the gloom and seemed to vanish as his robes were a dark grey that blended into the darkness.“Oh joy, a mad Queen now? Well, back to the Inn.” She moved quietly back to the rear of the chapel and opened to doors to the outside. She blinked in the sudden brightness. The sun was up and folks of the city were out and about doing their daily business. Brena stepped out into the daylight, confused as to how much time had passed. She was sure she hadn’t been inside the Chapel for more than an hour. She turned to ensure the door was closed, it was even though she didn’t remember doing it herself. She looked at her hands and saw the message cylinder.
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