The arguments became more and more compelling as we got more and more turned on. He kept telling me to give in and let it happen for real... that it was going to happen sooner or later so I may as well go through with it now. This went on and on... till eventually... I had to say yes. As I did a whole wave of shock went through my body... the realization that this really was going to happen and would change me forever. That this was going to pass over into reality. It reminded me of the first time I had sex... the feeling that you can't take it back... it really happened - so surreal at the time.My heart was pumping... I was in a daze... it was a weird sensation driving over to his place... like being in a movie, it felt like being in a dream. I was an autopilot, not quite in control and just going through the motions. I kept thinking about his hard cock which kept me going. I arrived at his house and sat in the car for a few minutes... trying to get some composure. I was so. ‘No, I guess not.’ Jon and I went out to the receptionist room, Nathan was standing there. If it is possible for a black man to blush, he was. He was having a tough time meeting my eyes as he explained to Jon that he needed to know where to store some cartons of supplies. I walked over, put my hand on his shoulder. ‘No problem, Nathan, I am not bashful.’ He seemed to perk up a little at that. Jon and I went up to his quarters. In no time at all, Jon had me naked again, his face buried between my legs as I tugged at his hair. I fantasized about Nathan looking at me the whole time, I had a crashing orgasm. Then Jon and I made sweet love, he was like a bull, I realized after his first orgasm that he didn’t soften, and began again. Something was different with Jon this time, I sensed it in the back of my mind. It had always excited Ted wonderfully if someone got a glimpse of me, he liked that. This reaction was the same. Nathan had caught us, it turned Jon on, I was sure of it. Later,.
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