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His hands were all over my body, I swear it felt like he had eight. My heart stopped when his face was just inches from mine, he’s so beautiful. He kissed me softly, and then my rosebud was on FIRE! I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t kiss him back, I couldn’t… He pulled away and just grinned and said I wasn’t ready. ------ To: EllieFrom: Maria Subject: RE: RE: HE KISSED ME! You had a chance to kiss Frank, and you didn’t? DORK------ To: Maria From: Ellie Subject: RE: RE: RE: HE KISSED ME! I know, and trust me I went to sleep regretting it. My rosebud hadn’t stopped throbbing since he did that – so when I laid down to go to sleep; I reached under my pajama bottoms and started rubbing it. It felt so good Maria, I could feel my panties getting moist I didn’t dare reach inside I just keep rubbing. I think I did have an orgasm with Daniel, because just before I stopped I started feeling the same tingling in my legs and my belly was all in knots. I was breathing so heavy, I thought my. The next patron. Elation. The next. Irritation. Jasper and Sienna flitted around the room, briefly interacting with each emotion they encountered. Jasper started to linger more on the excited patrons, even pausing in moments to kindle their excitement. For some, he altered it into hyperfixation, for others, into anger, and still others into flustered states of arousal. Sienna was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her eyes closed while Jasper's hands massaged her neck and shoulders, she let him take the lead as he guided her through the jungle of human emotion present in the club. Anchored to her safe haven, she experienced a freedom and levity she hadn't felt since she was a teenager. Lost in this dream, Sienna forgot about time. She forgot where she was. Forgot to feel or think about anything except the experience of the moment.Finally, they drifted into a mind that was already flush with desire. Jasper's fingers running through Sienna's hair, she moaned as Jasper stoked the existing.
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