Unseen 2 New Clips Of Tulsi Part 1

I have ethical and philosophical problems with the justification and rightness of killing, but not with the necessity." Would you do it again, if your commander ordered you to?" My Colonel didn't order me. He asked me to go. I agreed with his reasons for selecting me over the other men, so I went. I spoke with him before they sent me to Germany and I told him then that I couldn't do that kind of thing again." I don't follow." Colonel, I worked in Army CID for two years before I was transferred to a combat intelligence unit a couple of months ago. I never trained for the mission I went on. I've never been to Combat Infantry School, or survival school, or sniper school or anything like that. I was trained to be an analyst and an interviewer; a criminal investigator. Do you remember in the news a few months back about a couple of shootings that happened in Maryland; an army Lt. with a rifle shooting at people on the street from his apartment? And a man in a police station who took the. She slowly began to push herself up from her lying position up to a seated one, still holding her head. Beginning to take in her surroundings a sense of panic and fear shot through her as she began to remember what had happened.Jumping up to her feet, adrenaline coursing through her body, she furiously spun around to look for a sense of where she was or what was going on. That was when she noticed it.The wall behind her did not match the rest of the walls, it wasn’t the same pure white as the floor or ceiling either, having a pure black colour to it. She cautiously approached it when she heard a distinct “CLICK” sound, and suddenly the wall lit up in a flash.That was when it became clear to her, the entire wall on one side of this room was in fact a large screen. She covered her eyes in a reflex moment as the screen lit up, slowly uncovering her eyes she looked back at the screen.“The Education Game” was displayed on the screen in thick white animated letters, slowly growing and then.
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