Indian Aunty 35

Just the run-of-the mill stuff."On the other hand, I've seen waterfalls hundreds of feet high that maybe no white man – maybe no man – has ever seen before. I've sailed over what looks like the ruins of Atlantis, but are really only coral formations where the ships haven't reached. I was alone in a 20-foot-long skiff in the Indian Ocean while a 50-foot-long Great White played tag with me."He shook his head and took another swallow."Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Mike you make me wish I was young again and could go with you."I looked toward the front doors and the crowd that was beginning to stream in. A few older couples, but most younger couples and singles, the guys looking as cool as they could while they scouted the female singles who tended to hang in groups. Here for the music, the drinks, the good memories and maybe the chance for the Glorious Lay of a Lifetime. It was all so damned sweet and innocent, no matter how bad the guys thought of themselves, the girls in their short skirts and. .anyway with shaking hands he started on his task. What human endeavour, what courage, what persistence and what endurance. Here are some of the shots he took of the girl, who posed for his first figure, she was Andrea. The description in the catalogue which was eventually published was; Figure A1 Andrea, lies naked, for your pleasure, on the floor, her legs in the air, unashamedly baring woman’s supreme delight, and showing the fine detail of these figures.If you like the look of his first creation, and want to see all the lead-alloy, white-metal models, email to John’s Girls via to jacksonbrian2000, they are available in kit form / assembled / undercoated-primed / painted.The master figure was made, the mould fabricated and the hot metal poured. Cleaning, undercoating and painting were next on the list. Some of the model girls used to help out in the casting shop, on a Saturday morning. Hot, sweaty, dirty and stripped to the waist……….you can imagine!!!!!!!!! If only I.
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