I swear on mywomanhood that I'll never hurt myself again. I swear that I'll neverharm myself or anyone else!"Alison smiled as it was Brady's determined face, the one that she hadwhenever she had her mind set on doing something. It was also that samestubbornness that she had mentioned before, the one inherited from hermom Addison and which was the driving force for the family's being soclose. To have that face meant that she was not going to let them downno matter how depressed she felt about herself.The day went slow after that, but saw Brady feeling better and betterand starting to accept what she had done would forever impact her evenif she wanted to forget it. It was part of her legacy now, she was agirl but she was also someone with a history of irrational actions andwilling to do whatever it took to get what she needed even at great costto herself. It was also following in Addison's shoes as her mom had donethe same thing the day she graduated high school and stepped out intothe. " I'm ready, Gladys, let me pick out my music." Just dance to the last two from Cherry and I'll pick one to go with them. Strut your stuff and tease those guys. We have a lot of guys out there today."I went on stage just as the next song was starting. The music wasn't bad, even though it wasn't anything I would play. I did my thing and teased right down to my bare bottom. Guys were tossing bills and stuffing my garters full. The crowd was rowdy, and it took some effort to keep their hands off my private stuff, but I managed. They were all hollering for me to stay on stage when the three songs were over. Gladys was just off stage and was motioning me to stay. I put my hand on my hips, pushed my light red fuzzies out for everyone to see, and said, "Want some more?"There were lots of yells and hands waving bills in the air. I ended up dancing to two more songs, getting groped in the process, but eluding errant fingers and hands. When I finally stopped, I scooped up all the cash, grabbed.
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