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The quickest and simplest way to achieve our goal was to lift up their skirts, showing their underwear. Yet as we progressed through the months, the girl's reactions slowly changed. They still screamed, yelled, cursed, but they no longer ran away to tell the nearest teacher.They would struggle, fight free, and then dare you to lift the skirt of their friend, the challenge we were more than happy to accept.With hindsight the memories make me laugh. Some girls seemed to struggle less, seemed to relish the attention and grasping hands, and in our naivety we mistook the signs of permission to go further and soon got bored of them and went after the girls who struggled and shouted the most. As a result, our daily showing of tight teen panties dropped markedly.Some of the girls even joined in occasionally. With their ever-ready and alert eyes watching our every move for signs of a possible attack, the swift hands of a female friend would come as a complete surprise. This amused us no end as. She was a gorgeous girl and she caught my attention immediately because I stood 6'5" and liked to date taller girls and that was definitely Gina. She was 5' 10", with blonde hair and blue eyes and a set of legs that just wouldn't quit. Her breasts were proportional to her size and I was betting that she was at least a 36C cup.My mind came back to the present and as I starred at her house I sucked in a deep breath, popped opened another beer and lit my third cigarette in the last 15 minutes. I silently swore under my breath, how in the hell was I going to get into this girls panties? At this point in our relationship everyone in school knew that we were dating and assumed that I had been to bed with her and I was constantly getting bombarded with questions like; 'Is she a good lay?" Are her tit's for real?" This was the normal guy stuff that can make a high school legend, but I was avoiding the questions and because of that my reputation was suffering. Christ, just last week I heard.
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