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) SAM RINEHART: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just received word about our would-be jumper. We now know her identity to be that of singing sensation Aria Gordon. Police officials have released a statement that she seems to have undergone some sort of drug and stress related nervous breakdown and is completely and deadly serious about jumping. I- (SAM is cut off by the sound of gunfire in the background. He quickly switches gears.) SAM RINEHART: (Afraid for his life) Ladies and gentlemen, as you can hear behind me, this crowd is growing rapidly into a rather large and dangerous riot. Police are beginning to fire warning shots over the crowd. The fighting is immense, and in fact, I don’t mind telling you that I am quite afraid of- (SAM is cut off once again, this time by a short series of loud, obtrusive screams, then all is silent, save for the sirens. The police lights slowly begin to cut out one by one, as SAM’s voice returns.) SAM RINEHART: (out-of-breath, dumbfounded) Oh my god. She. ”“Lenna, meet me at the lab. I have something to show you,” Faith said.“Okay, Faith. I’ll be there in five minutes.” She scrubbed herself dry and dressed in a fresh set of clothes. Lenna stepped out of her quarters and walked the twenty meters to the lab. She stepped inside to find Faith and Yamina in front of a workstation covered with sliced fruit. The bluish juices had run all over the work surface and down onto the floor.“Lenna! Look what Yamina and I found!” Faith waved her over to the workstation.Lenna minced across the floor, careful to not slip in the mess. “What did you find?” She glanced at Yamina, but she decided to keep her peace about her apparent field trip.Faith pointed at the display. “Yamina told me that Roger liked to make mixed fruit drinks from the native fruits he found while he was exploring. We went out a couple of hours ago and found some of them. I also searched the team’s field notes and I found references to the ones Roger had tested. When I looked at these,.
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