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S. submarines serve the best food in the Navy, which tends to be true. In fairness, some surface ships have great cooks and a supportive supply officer, but they tend to be good, not great.“So do the Russian subs, although the menus are distinctly Russian. For example, their breakfast might be cottage cheese, honey, and jam for breakfast; the dinner meal would, according to one officer, “necessarily include red caviar and cured sturgeon fillet”. I was very surprised that they have a daily ration of 100 ml of red wine -- about half a cup -- because our submariners simply don’t tolerate mind-affecting substances. We believe that slight inattention can kill everyone. We have a saying, “There is no such thing as a minor accident aboard a submarine”.“More cheerfully, they also get a daily chocolate bar. Dried fish, which they call stock-fish, is both a regular ingredient in menus, but also a popular snack. I’d imagine they’d consider some of our dishes to be weird.“When I had some Embassy. I will not have it said that this trial was unfair either for Ephus or you! NOW! Let him power you or by the two realms YOU will be the next sentenced to one of the other dimensions of light or dark!”Sobek looked at Ra with an icy stare but finally shrugged and stood still while Ephus placed a hand on his shoulder. Like Horus he showed no signs that he was feeling a thing then quite suddenly a small smile crossed his face then was gone. Letting go Ephus backed up.Looking back when he heard a gasp he saw that all of Bast’s sisters were there behind him. A smirk came to his lips as he could imagine that they were ALL rooting for him.Again Min stepped toward Ephus. Looking Ephus up and down Min finally spoke. “I find that fighting this one is a waste of valuable time, besides if he had Sekhmet coming back he is more than acceptable.” With a smile Min bowed to Ra then backed up.Thoth walked to Ephus standing before him a moment. “I have found that this one knew of things that I did not..
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