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Now, they could provide her with more.On a sunny day in April, 1965, Banker Harvey Wilson entered the post office in Catfish Hollow with a bundle of mail. Normally, an employee would have delivered it, but the man normally assigned that task was home sick. Harvey was in the same acid mood he’d been in for months. He had fallen back into his old habit of arranging things so that he could foreclose on property, and then sell it. Because he demanded collateral far in excess of what would cover the loan, he could let it go for less, ensuring a quick sale, and his books looked good. People in town shot him dark looks, but he didn’t care.“Mr. Wilson,” called out the postal clerk as he was about to leave. “Got a package here for your wife, sent to General Delivery. You want to take it to her?”Harvey stalked over to the counter and took the flat package. He glanced at the return address, and his blood went cold. It was from Nathan, the son he was trying to figure out how to formally disown.. I looked down; she was working on a VCR. “You know why. It was a gift from my brother.” I replied. I was thinking about what Roberto said this morning, “Keep you eyes and ears open”. I sure am doing that now. “So…how’s business?” I asked. I know it’s not going too well, but asked her anyway.“It’s ok, I guess.” She said with a shrug. I knew it’s not.“Where’s your uncle?”“He’s off sick.” She said.“Did he pay you this month?” I asked. She shook her head left to right. This is getting somewhere, I thought. “Can I help?” I asked.She thought for awhile, and then blushed. “My boyfriend’s birthday is in three days and I really want to surprise him.” She continued; “My parents give me enough money for myself, but I’ve spent all my savings on something…” she stopped.“And now you don’t have enough money to do anything big for him.” I finished for her. She just gave a small nod. “How much do you need?”“$400.” She replied.“Whew, that’s a lot of money! What do you want to do for him?” I asked.“I.
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