Poonam Pandey

Following I noted her as a nice looking individual, this being one of my first personal confrontations with a German person in a very foreign land, my very new experience. I was being offered a chance to bathe and it was, to say the least, all so different from my Army experience thus far.She pointed to the left and turned into a doorway looking back and smiling as I followed.We entered a very large facility of endless sinks lined up on one wall and at the far end a series of toilets lined up with no partition between. All was very open wide as I followed her again to enter a door at the other far end, into a room containing a bath tub, some furniture like a desk and a few chairs. She walked up to the tub and turned it on after pointing to a chair as if to tell me to have a seat. So I did.It took some time to fill the tub and she just stood looking at the water after putting the towel and soap on a nearby stand. I sat and watched not knowing what would happen next, not knowing if I. "Something in my eyes must have alerted her that there was too much happening.She finished pouring and then just sat there, looking at me, sympathy evident in her eyes. "It's all too much, isn't it?"I took a long draft, and just nodded, not knowing what to say.She pursed her lips, and then said, "Look, Ryan. Obviously this ... this is something I'm doing here. It's something I need to do, for you. I'm not trying to make up ... well, for ... well perhaps I am. But either way, I'm trying to make new memories with you. Something that's us. Not anyone else. New experiences. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"I just nodded dumbly again, and then, thinking I should contribute to the conversation, I said, "So what's the plan? Is there one?"Deanna took a drink herself and then smiled at me, mischievously. "Sure there is. Tonight, we go to the LAX nightclub, in the Luxor. It's the bar at the top of the pyramid. Amazing views, the whole nine yards. Yes ... I know..."I had raised a hand.
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