Sins Of India - Scene 2

Require that they sit on the ground instead of the couches or sleep on the floor next to the bed if they’ve been defiant.CagingAnother good one for pets, especially. Caging can be used to make the submissive reflect on their reasons for being punished. Be sure to use a cage small enough to confine them, but still large enough so they aren’t going to hurt themselves by spending too much time in the cage.BedtimeA great one for littles! Bedtimes are good for college students who don’t do their homework, or easily distracted adults with work to do. Set up rules that require all obligations get done and enforce an early bedtime to be sure they are well-rested (and easily frustrated) when they don’t follow these rules.Time-OutAnother punishment for reflection. Time-outs are good for brats and littles because it makes them analyze what they did wrong. Put them in a corner or a special “time-out chair” so they know they are being punished. Increase the time or add in other punishments if. " Guess we'll have to wait," Scooter nodded. "Hey, we never got a chance to talk about the sailing trip much; this might be a good chance to iron out the details." Works for me, you and Crystal are the ones who know sailing, and she says you know more about it than she does, so I guess that makes you the captain." We'd sort of agreed on it," Scooter admitted. "Crystal actually has more recent experience than I do; mine was all when I was back in school, and it was pretty different. But it really is pretty simple on a boat that small, and I think the three of us ought to be able to muddle through." I sure hope so," she said hopefully. "Hey, the other night Al was saying something about going surfing with Karin and Crystal over the winter sometime. I didn't know he surfed. You have any idea what that's all about?" Sort of, and I'm not sure how it fits in with you, me, and her going surfing. Crystal thinks that the guy who taught her how to surf is an old high school buddy of Al's. A lot.
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